2 thoughts on “‘Arrows in our quiver’

  1. Trump is irrelevant in the ongoing Supreme Court melodrama.
    He will nominated who Moscow Mitch and the Fascist Federalist Society tell him to nominate to replace the notorious RBG.

    Trump is a “dead man walking,” so all of the Democratic fire should be directed at Moscow Mitch and the rest of the corrupt Republicans.
    People like Senators Lindsey Graham, Joni Ernst, Thom Tillis, Kelly Loeffler, Cory Gardner and Ben Sasse.

    Trumps nominee will probably be an anti-choice (Roe v Wade), religious extremist (Opus Dei), magical thinking, anti-Constitutionalist.

    Republicans have shown themselves to be untrustworthy, liars who are more interested in holding on to power then they are in doing what’s in the best interest of the majority of Americans and the country.

    Vote ’em all out.

  2. They’ll most probably seat a wingnut justice. Our avenues of resistance aren’t in the actual levers of power that they control.
    We must make them pay for it.
    Like Bill Clinton once said, they’ll keep doing it as long as it keeps working.
    I hope some of Nancy’s arrows are aimed at Republicans who have perpetuated this minority rule situation: A president who lost the popular vote is trying to install one third of the supreme court with the eager assistance of a Republican majority in the senate that actually represents far less than half of the population.
    And the media calls them populists.
    They are the opposite of populists.
    Molly Ivins was a populist.
    They are authoritarians ranging into protofascist territory.

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