2 thoughts on “Gulp

  1. With the help of the police unions our police agencies have become little more then militarized, para-military organizations answerable to nobody.

    Most union contracts contain language which, in effect, makes any action taken by a cop legal. Hold harmless.

    The deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and dozens of others over the past year make that perfectly clear.

    We have a serious policing problem in this country which demands a solution.

    Giving the police more money for retraining or for hiring additional officers has proven to be a failed solution.

    We need a new approach.
    If that means dismantling our police departments and rebuilding them from the ground up then that’s what should be done.

  2. I think it is indeed looking dire, but I won’t capitulate just yet. Being poor, disabled and living out in the sticks (which are actually on fire just now) there’s not that much I can do to fight this.
    Not that much, though, does not mean nothing.
    Yesterday I donated ten more dollars to the part of Indivisible that is on the ground fighting this bullshit.
    I am registered to vote and have a plan to get my mail in ballots counted before November third.
    I remain hopeful that there will still be a government for the weak-tea Democrat I plan to vote for as my congresswoman to serve in.
    After all of those years of getting to vote for Barbara Lee every other year, finding out I had a goddamn Republican congressman was jarring, and I fully intend to do whatever I can to get rid of him, like we did with all of the Orange County Republicans last time around.

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