Worst debate ever, worst president ever

One thought on “Worst debate ever, worst president ever

  1. Not only do we have a Trump problem, which was highlighted by last nights FOX moderated burlesque, but we have a Republican problem.

    Trump and the Republican Party will be obliterated on November 3 and they all know it.

    Which is why Trump acted like petulant child and a buffoon last night, and why the Republicans are pushing so hard to have political and religious extremist Amy Coney Barratt confirmed ‘before’ the election.

    After the election Trump and the Republicans will be so busy packing up their offices and selling their homes that they won’t have the time to act on the nomination of extremist Amy Coney Barratt, who will vote to overturn Roe v Wade, end Obamacare, and eliminate the rights of workers, women, and minorities.
    All in the name of corporations and organized religion.

    Down with Barratt and Vote Blue, because the only good Republican is a defeated Republican.

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