‘Who, me?’

One thought on “‘Who, me?’

  1. Trump is a racist whose base now consists of Nazis and crazy people.
    Good luck with that Adolph, and the rest of you Fascist Republicans.

    But it’s actually much worse then that for the corrupt Trump regime and the Republicans.

    A few days ago warmonger Mike Pompeo asked for an audience with the Pope.
    The Pope said nope and told Pompeo to stop playing politics with the China issue.

    Two days ago Pompeo made a special trip to Iraq to warn President Barham Salih that unless he put a stop to the random attacks by the Shiites on the US embassy in Baghdad, there was one the previous day, the US would close the worlds largest embassy.
    Yesterday rockets were again fired at the embassy. Pompeo got his answer.

    The US embassy in Baghdad should have its operations reduced by 90% and all US combat forces should be removed from the country.
    Does Joe Biden have the common sense to do that?

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