One thought on “Panhandle Slim… Art for Folk…

  1. The fighting in Afghanistan has intensified this week because General Milley is an ‘imperialist’ jackass.
    All of the deaths related to this new fighting belong entirely to General Milley.

    Milley and the military lost Yemen last week to the forces backed by Iran.
    Milley was outraged by that so he’s taking his anger out on the people of Afghanistan by extending the war.

    Trump told Milley to get all US troops out of Afghanistan by Christmas and that incentivized the Taliban to quickly work toward peace.
    Last Saturday Milley said that the troops would leave Afghanistan when he wanted them to leave Afghanistan and not before.
    That enraged the Taliban who really don’t like people pissing on their shoes and telling them that’s is raining, so they began blowing shit up.

    Trump should fire Milley immediately for insubordination and for failing to follow lawful orders.
    Then, because it’s war time, it is called the Afghan War, right, perhaps General Milley should stand in front of a military firing squad for his obstinance?

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