Two faces has our Ben

So loyal in public!

One thought on “Two faces has our Ben

  1. Why did Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) find it prudent to undermine the Democratic message and blow up Jaime Harrison’s South Carolina campaign after the hearing yesterday?

    Feinstein rose from her chair, hugged and kissed Lindsey Graham and told him that his hearing was the “best she’s ever attended.”

    The Lindsey Graham campaign ads against Harrison will now write themselves.

    To add insult to injury Feinstein, in a single sentence, undid four days of careful Democratic messaging crafted to show that the Graham’s hearing was an “illegitimate, sham” and “completely abnormal.”

    Some Neo-liberals dismissed Feinstein’s minor “screw up” as the consequence of an 87 year old lady who’s lost her mind.

    The time has come to strip this poor, senile, 87 year old, lady from California of all of her committee leadership roles starting with the Judiciary Committee.

    And the Neo-liberal power structure in the Democratic Party must be jettisoned in favor of Progressive socialism on November 4.

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