Russian asset says what now?

One thought on “Russian asset says what now?

  1. Ron Johnson’s term ends in 2022 so he really couldn’t care less about the damage he’s doing today. Two years in politics is a lifetime away.

    Which leads us to profit, the profit motive, and profit centers.
    Johnson is simply a corrupt Capitalist trying to salvage his uber-Capitalist pal Trump from the jaws of imminent defeat.
    We need to have an honest debate about profit and Capitalism in this country.

    It’s not that difficult to run a nationwide food distribution system effectively in 2020.
    You grow it, you harvest it, you transport it and you sell it.
    But should feeding people generate a profit?
    If so how much and to whom?

    What about our health care delivery system?
    Should that be a profit center?

    Every American requires that their rice bowl be replenished on a regular basis.
    But the 50 richest Americans owning as much wealth as 165 million, or the bottom 50%, of Americans seems wildly out of balance and very dangerous to our democratic-republic.
    Or have Midas and the Robber Barons come back into vogue?

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