One thought on “If only

  1. A shift in world politics is underway.

    The Socialists regained control of the Bolivian government over the weekend when the Bolivian people voted the leaders of last years Fascist coup out of power.
    Evo Morales will soon be totally vindicated and be allowed to return from exile in Argentina.

    The Labour Party (center left) in New Zealand took control of the government with a decisive election win last week.
    It was Labour’s strongest showing since the mid-1990’s (Clinton era) and the first time that Labour will have an outright majority in the legislature since 1951.

    When Trump loses on November 3 (if we all vote against him) the Fascist regimes led by Bolsonaro of Brazil, Johnson of the UK, Duterte of the Philippines, Orban of Hungary, Duda of Poland, Netanyahu of Israel and bin Salman of Saudi Arabia will all begin to wither and die.

    Vote Blue and put an end to the Fascists.

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