One thought on “Panhandle Slim… Art for Folk…

  1. Because Trump is a know-nothing he relies heavily on right wing organizations to make his decisions for him.

    The most visible example of this reliance is Trumps use of the Fascist Federalist Society to pick his federal judges, including his Supreme Court Justices, for him.
    Why the Federalist Society continues to pick Fascist, Jesuit Roman Catholic judges should be discussed.

    Then there’s the warmongering Hudson Institute which Trump relies on formulate his foreign and domestic policies.

    The Hudson Institute is a far-right group of hawks which opposes Socialism in all of its forms.
    That includes Medicare For All, the Social Security System and universal public education.

    On foreign policy the Hudson Institute’s support of Israel is cult like.
    Which translates into an “Israel First” policy.
    That policy declares that any state or individual who opposes the primacy of Israel in the Middle East is the “enemy.”
    Know we know where Jared came up with his dangerous and unworkable “Abraham Protocols.”

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