One thought on “Glimmer of sanity?

  1. The horse has already left the barn.

    Trump, DeSantis (FL), Abbott (Tex), and other Republican governors decided to follow a herd immunity policy way back in May.
    It’s a pretty messy policy as we can all now see.

    We’ve come to a survival of the fittest moment in this country.
    Wear a mask, keep your distance, and wash your hands frequently at least until a vaccine becomes widely available.

    To date 8 Senators and 27 House members have tested positive for the coronavirus.
    How stupid must these elected politicians be?

    Congress must regularly meet in person to conduct the people’s business.
    Surely these smart folks can figure out how to meet safely without infecting one another.

    Because if they can’t, then all of us are permanently screwed.

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