Who got rich off that rumor?

One thought on “Who got rich off that rumor?

  1. Moscow Mitch, Perdue and Loffler?

    Moscow Mitch is the new capo dei capi of the Republican Party now that Trump has been defeated and that makes him a very dangerous man.

    Moscow won’t bring a coronavirus relief bill to the floor of the Senate without a clause limiting corporate liability.
    Unless and until Moscow is allowed to give his corporate pals a huge legal and financial break nobody will get relief.

    Those Americans who are losing their jobs, and running out of money to buy food and pay the rent, and who might get sick and possibly die, can all just go to hell as far as Moscow Mitch is concerned.
    Ebenezer Scrooge.

    The philosophy of the Republicans is diametrically opposed to the philosophy of the Democrats.
    Workers v. Corporations.

    How Joe Biden can reasonably justify putting a Republican in his cabinet is a wonderment?
    Joe ain’t no Solomon, but the Republicans sure are the devil.

    A Republican in Biden’s cabinet?

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