I wish I could say this was unbelievable

But it’s all too plausible and there’s a reason why everything thinks McKinsey is evil:

One thought on “I wish I could say this was unbelievable

  1. Purdue Pharma, which developed the opioid OxyContin, caused the deaths of 470,000 Americans. Covid-19 has caused the deaths of 265,000 so far.

    Purdue pled guilty to DOJ criminal charges and settled thousands of lawsuits by declaring bankruptcy and agreeing that the Sackler family would give up ownership of Purdue and that the company would pay $3 billion in restitution.

    The Sackler family knew that OxyContin was an addictive opioid which could kill you and still pushed millions of doses out to the public.

    $200 million was immediately made available to begin mitigating the damage that the Sackler family had caused by pushing OxyContin.

    That was a year ago and not a dime has been spent because the lawyers on all sides are still arguing about “best use.”

    As for the Sackler’s, they remain free to spend the billions in blood money that they’ve probably squirreled away before the shit hit the fan.
    The Sackler family were megadonors to the Republican Party.

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