As if Trump cares!

One thought on “As if Trump cares!

  1. “It’s the Republicans.”

    What if Moscow Mitch stepped before a microphone with every Republican senator standing behind him and said, “Mr. President, your rhetoric is inflammatory and reckless and might provoke violence;” what would Trump do?

    Because all elected Republicans are cowards who fear that Trumps supporters would turn on them and their families if they criticized him, they’ll remain silent in the face of Trumps assault on our democratic-republic.

    74 million people voted for Trump and every elected Republican is afraid of each and every one of them.
    Elected Republicans are being held hostage by the very Frankenstein they created.

    Trumps mouth and fingers, not his supporters, are the biggest threat to our democratic-republic.
    Once Trump leaves office his megaphone will be smaller, but elected Republicans will remain in constant fear of incurring his wrath and having him sic his supporters on them.
    That is an unhealthy condition for the country to be in and Republicans are the disease.
    The cure is to vote all of them out of office once the Red States are re-districted due to the census.

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