One thought on “Talking about issues in the media

  1. Although how the media reports what it reports is a problem, what the media doesn’t report is an even bigger problem.
    The fake cable news media is, for the most part, FOX, Newsmax and OAN. FCC??

    An example of what the media doesn’t report occurred yesterday in Israel.

    After the establishment of Israel in 1948 tens of thousands of Mizrahi Jews, including 50 thousand from Yemen, fled to Israel.
    The Ashkenazi government of PM Davis Ben-Gurion sent most of these Jews to ghetto’s and then took their children and shipped them off to Europe for adoption.

    Yesterday Israel admitted its guilt in this cultural genocide by approving a $50 million compensation plan for the families of the Yemeni children who were “disappeared.”

    Unfortunately, Israel refused to apologize for their appalling and illegal behavior in 1948.

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