2 thoughts on “Thoughts and prayers

  1. The Trump Crime Family should fall like the House of Usher.

    And now for something completely different.

    The Vinnie “the Chin” Gigante impressionist has only been in the WH for a month and he’s already bombing shit and killing people.

    Mumbles keeps telling us that he wants to turn the page on the failed foreign policy of traitor Trump.
    Rejoining the 6-Party nuclear talks with Iran for example.

    Except that “The Chin” won’t negotiate until Iran agrees to several preconditions that they can’t possibly accept. That’s called a poison pill in the trade.
    To make matters worse, last night “The Chin” blew up Syrian facilities and killed several members of a pro-Syrian militia funded by Iran who were protecting pilgrims at a border crossing.

    What about Saudi Arabia?
    Mumbles claims that he’s going to “stop” the war in Yemen, end the massive arms shipments going to Saudi Arabia, and punish the Kingdom for bin Salman’s murder and dismemberment of Khashoggi.
    Why hasn’t “The Chin” released the Khashoggi Report yet?

    And what about the nuclear codes?

    People are beginning to wonder whether it’ll be the 14th Amendment or the 2024 election that will take Joe out first?

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