3 thoughts on “I like this press secretary

  1. Weak. The Republicans summarily fired and replaced the last parliamentarian when that person didn’t rule in their favor, so they could legislate in the way they wanted. VP Harris, as President of the Senate, could have overruled the Senate Parliamentarian, whose position is not in the constitution, just like the filibuster isn’t in the constitution. Some big business guys had a meeting with Biden and that was that. He campaigned on $15 per hour, but he didn’t really want it, and now he’s got a squishy procedural excuse not to pursue it. I call bullshit.

  2. Her hair seems to be a distraction to her.
    Perhaps she should shave her head bald?

    The Biden administration is being run (Ron Klain) by a bunch of Neo-liberal warmongers who never saw a war that they wouldn’t fight or a benefit for the people (Medicare For All, an increased minimum wage) that they wouldn’t turn down.

  3. I like Psaki. And also the Japanese drink. Honesty is so refreshing after the usual beltway duplicity and backstabbing.

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