Pray for Texas

Because Republicans don’t care how many people die to make their donors happy:

2 thoughts on “Pray for Texas

  1. Nah.

    Lots of Texans disagree with the FBI’s Wray that it was “domestic terrorists” who used violence to occupy the Capitol building for the purpose of kidnapping and assassinating members of the House on Senate on January 6.

    Weasel Wray did not say that there was an attempted coup of January 6.
    Wray also didn’t explain how the “chatter” coming from the right wing insurrectionists planning and organizing the coup was missed by the FBI.
    But the FBI always seems to miss the important events.
    Like 9-11 or the destruction of 2 city blocks in Nashville last December 25. A QAnon Christmas present?
    Hmmmm, December 25 to January 6 is 12 days.

    Hopefully, Garland will shift the resources of the FBI away from what it’s focused on today and onto the “big stuff” in the future.

  2. Declare Marshall Law in Texas and Mississippi and shut them down as a terrorist bio-hazard attack on the nation.

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