2 thoughts on “Panhandle Slim… Art for Folk…

  1. I think it’s great that new sports are being added to the Olympics! I remember my first skateboard was like the one from Panhandle Slim.
    Hit one little stone and buy a new nose!

  2. Late last week it looked like the bipartisan infrastructure bill might be ready for Biden’s signature before the month-long August recess begins late next week.
    Then came Sunday and FOX, Newsmax and OAN repeating Trumps statement that he didn’t like the infrastructure bill because it was bipartisan.

    Do you suppose that Manchin, Sinema and the other like-minded Democrats might interpret Trump and the Big Lie Party’s obstructionism as a valid and necessary reason to suspend the filibuster for the next 24 months?

    Traitor Trump lost the election in a landslide and yet he’s still setting the agenda of the Big Lie Party and by extension the country.

    When will Manchin, Senima, Tester and Hickenlooper wake the fuck up and realize that they are being used as “useful idiots” by the Fascists on the Right in the Big Lie Party?

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