Lindsey Graham Tests Postive for COVID – 19…

Senator Graham has a message for vaccine hesitant; get the vaccine, my symptoms could be worse…






2 thoughts on “Lindsey Graham Tests Postive for COVID – 19…

  1. Every worker in every industry, especially those workers in the health care and education industries, should be vaccinated.

    The anti-vaxers and anti-maskers are overwhelmingly from the Right end of the political spectrum.
    For them (Ron Paul, et al) any sort of “collectivism” is somehow an attack on their personal freedoms.
    The Right (Capitalists) hate Social Security, Medicare and the public school system because each is a successful, functioning socialist systems.

    The Fascist oligarchs are the driving force behind, and the funders of, the anti-vax and anti-mask movement here and around the world.
    They should all burn in hell these Capitalist bastards.

  2. If he’s quarantining for ten days, does that give us a majority for that time period? I mean assuming none of the Democrats on Manchin’s boat get infected?

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