One thought on “Panhandle Slim… Art for Folk…

  1. >>What do Manchin, Sinema and the other Blue Dog Democrats want to cut out of the $3.5 trillion Human Infrastructure Bill?
    Money for renewable energy projects which will help slow down climate change?
    Broadband money?
    Money for families with children?
    Money to expand Medicare?
    What, exactly, do these corporatists want to cut?

    Or is the problem that these corporatists (Clinton’s legacy) simply don’t want to raise taxes on the wealthy and corporations enough to fund the entire bill?

    >>>On Wednesday the Russian’s proposed 3-party talks between themselves, Syria and Israel to bring an end to the 10-year long Syrian Civil War.

    Both Russia and Syria want to end this costly, in lives and treasure, civil war now.
    What does Israel want?

    Because of the horrendous Middle East policy followed by traitor Trump and pro-Zionist warmonger Mike Pompeo the US is no longer trusted by anybody in the region so we haven’t been asked to join the negotiations.

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