One thought on “Police unions are criminal enterprises

  1. Police unions, like the military, are led by warmongers and Republicans.
    Every ‘is now’ or ‘once was’ Republican is, by their very nature, a practiced liar.

    78% of all Republicans believe, falsely, that traitor Trump won the last election.
    How is that possible?

    Propagandists FOX, Newsmax and OAN have played their role.
    But, it’s the leadership of the old Republican Party—-Moscow Mitch, Charlie McCarthy, Jordan, Scalise and the rest—-who are the ones responsible for bringing America the new and dangerous Big Lie Party.

    Once again traitor Trump declared himself the winner of the 2020 election based on the results of the Arizona ninja recount and nobody in a leadership position in the Big Lie Party corrected him.

    The Big Lie Party, in its present configuration, is a clear and present danger to this country.

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