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  1. And now for a bit of fun.

    The Star of Lucifer is a hexagon.
    It has 6 points, 6 triangles and 6 sides. 666.

    Babylonian astrologers divided the heavens into 36 constellations.
    They made amulets with squares numbering from 1 through 36, which when added together equal 666.

    The six pointed star is historically the symbol of Satanic tyranny.

    “Count the number of the beast……..666……..” Revelations 13:18

    Israel has a six pointed star on its flag. Does that mean anything or is it just serendipity?

  2. There is credible evidence indicating that Amen-hotep IV a.k.a. Akhenaten, the Heretic Pharaoh’s (reigned 1353-1336 BCE) mother Tiye (1398- 1338 BCE) and his grandmother Tjuyu ((1420?-) were Hebrews who practiced religious monotheism.

    Some suggest that the 6-pointed star on the flag of Israel is a symbolic recognition of Egypt’s importance in Israel’s development.
    Two pyramids form a 6-pointed star.
    The Star of David didn’t appear on the scene until the Middle Ages when there was a Jewish Kingdom in Eastern Europe.

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