No exception

One thought on “No exception

  1. The entire Republican Big Lie Party and everyone in it, including Bannon, should be held in contempt.

    Every time a school board meeting is held these days the Fascist Brown Shirts show up with their signs, without their masks, and with a bad attitude.
    A few of these nihilist thugs are actual parents, but for the most part they are Fascist agitators egged on by QAnon and the Republican Big Lie Party’s traitor Trump.

    Their goal is to intimidate “Critical Race Theory teaching Socialists” into quitting the teaching profession.
    Their hope is to replace all of those good teachers with Fascist, non-critical thinkers.

    Anybody who disrupts a school board meeting by screaming epithets or threatening violence must be investigated by the FBI, State Attorney, and state and local police.

    Why would any Republican object to that?
    They are, after all, the Law and Order party right?

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