The stakes

One thought on “The stakes

  1. Neither Steve Bannon nor traitor Trump is all that smart.
    Although each of them will tell you that they’re geniuses.

    Steve Bannon, an admitted Leninist, and traitor Trump, a crazy person, talked each other, and themselves, into believing that they could replace our democratic-republic by means of a coup with a Fascist, autocracy controlled by the oligarchs.

    In essence these two traitors, and others like them, wanted to superimpose a Fascist, Soviet-style (not socialist-style) government over our democratic-republic with traitor Trump playing the role of Putin.

    It’s the job of the Democrats and every other patriotic American to root out the coup plotters, coup participants and coup financiers.

    Steve Bannon, Trump, Cruz, Hawley, Meadows, Brooks, Jordan, Giuliani, the Koch’s, the Mercers, and the rest of the traitors must all be brought to justice in a court of law.

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