2 thoughts on “I really hate those two

  1. “If I’ve become an embarrassment to the Democratic Party” because everybody’s discovered that I’m corrupt, lying, sack of shit “then I’d be happy to become an Independent.”
    “Of course I’d still caucus with the Democrats.”

    Joe Manchin’s family owns lots of coal mines which Joe profits from. $4.5 million in the last few years.
    By opposing the rapid transition away from fossil fuels to something Greener, Joe Manchin is protecting his and his family’s wealth and power at the expense of the American people.

    The fossil fuel industry is the “root of all evil” if oil, coal and gas are money, money, money.
    And Joe Manchin is industries poster boy.

    Krysten Sinema……….
    What can you say about Krysten Sinema except that she’s a pod person.
    The old Krysten Sinema has been thoroughly transformed into something, or someone, that even her friends can no longer recognize.
    She’s gone through the looking glass.

    Has anyone checked into her net worth lately?
    Or who’s been promising her what?

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