One thought on “They seem a little desperate, huh

  1. Their latest grift.
    The Republican Big Lie Party is now trying to make the case that the state of the US and the world’s economies are all Joe Biden’s fault.

    With the help of the liars, propagandists and grifters at FOX, Newsmax and OAN the Republican Big Lie Party is pushing the claim that Joe Biden is responsible for the following.

    The disruption of the worldwide supply chain.
    The backup at the ports and the shortage of truck drivers.
    OPEC increasing the price of oil by reducing market supply.
    The increasing inflation resulting from the increasing price of oil, disruptions in the supply chain, and everything thing else gone wrong in the world is all Joe Biden’s fault according to these liars and grifters.

    Of course in the real world, a place where the Big Lie Party cultists refuse to occasionally visit, all of these problems were a direct result of a Covid-19 pandemic which created the need for worldwide shutdowns.

    Joe Biden had nothing to do with that.

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