One thought on “Panhandle Slim… Art for Folk…

  1. Joe Manchin is unwilling to spend any more then $150 billion a-year making the lives of the American people better.
    Child nutrition, education, senior health care and the like are all on Joe’s chopping block.

    Krysten Sinema wants the Build Back Better Bill to be fully paid for before she’ll vote ‘yes’ to pass it.
    But, Sinema will not increase the taxes on her favorite people, he rich and corporations, to pay for the bill.

    Shortly the $768 billion a-year (an increase of $24 billion over 2021) military budget for 2022 will be coming up for a vote.

    Will Manchin be demanding that the 2022 military budget be cut because it makes us too dependent on war?
    Will Sinema demand that the entire $768 billion military budget be fully paid for before she’ll vote ‘yes’ to pass it?

    With Manchin and Sinema “you don’t have to be a weatherman to know which way the wind blows” these hypocrits.

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