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  1. It’ll be Chicago v Detroit at 12:30 for me on Thanksgiving.

    The Australian Climate Counsel, a non-profit, non-partisan organization, released its climate report last week ahead of the COP26 meeting in Scotland on November 1-12.

    The ACC ranks how well the 31 wealthiest and most developed countries have done in meeting the goals that were set for getting to “net zero” greenhouse emissions at the 2015 Paris Climate Conference.

    Australia, the world’s 5th largest coal producer (China is #1 followed by India at #2) came in 31st, or dead last, in meeting it’s goals.
    The USA ranked 23rd.

    Last weekend the leader of OPEC, Saudi Arabia, announced that it intended to reach “net zero” greenhouse emissions by 2060 joining both China and Russia in the 2060 goal.
    The USA and the EU have set 2050 as their goal.

    None of the leading oil and coal producing countries will be slowing their production of fossil fuels any time soon.

    Neither Russia or China will be attending COP26.

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