One thought on “Has been says what?

  1. More Democrats should be smacking down more Republicans more often.
    The only real difference between Trump and Christie is tonnage.

    Christie and the Trumpites have a list of traitor Trumps accomplishments.

    They claim that under Trump the US was energy independent.
    We had the lowest unemployment rate in every cohort such as women and Blacks.
    We had the highest median household income in history.
    We rebuilt the military destroyed by the Obama Administration.
    We destroyed ISIS.
    We had complete control of the southern border.

    Of course, none of those things are true even though politicians like Christie keep telling us that they are.

    Traitor Trump did have a few actual successes though.
    Ending the War in Afghanistan……..OK, one success in 4 years.
    Hell, Biden has already doubled that.

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