2 thoughts on “She’s the new GOP nutjob

  1. We talked about this long time ago: Stepford Clones. Don’t know what it is, maybe it’s in the water, but I have seen people I have personally known go to DC and come back not the same person that went to DC. I’m going with the lizard people cooking up Stepford Clones (of dinner?) ’till something better comes along.

  2. Florida now has the lowest Covid infection rate in the country, while Michigan has one of the highest. Is that a political problem?

    Whether Thanksgiving had an impact on the number of new cases and deaths won’t be known for a few weeks.
    Then comes Christmas and New Year.

    China admitted last Friday that it was not in a position to re-open its society to the extent that the West has because China has a “zero infection” policy, which is different from the West’s “we’ll live with the virus” policy.

    China is an autocratic police state run by oligarchs. That’s the old-thinking.
    Majority rule is a newer approach to governing, and direct rule by the people is the way of future.

    Nancy Mace is a very confused puppy these days because “the times they are a’changing.”

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