Go, Chuck

One thought on “Go, Chuck

  1. There’s something about Kyrstan. Maybe it’s her hair?

    Both Joe Manchin and Krystan Sinema should announce today that they are switching parties.

    With the help of Manchin and Sinema, Moscow Mitch is fulfilling the promise he made to the Republicans to stop Joe Biden’s “radical Socialist” agenda dead in its tracks.

    Who cares if Manchin and Sinema switch parties?
    No legislation of any consequence to the American people (BBB) is being passed anyway.
    Chuck Schumer becoming the Minority Leader might not be the worst thing in the world for rank-and-file Democrats.

    Any legislation that Moscow Mitch and the Republicans might pass in the Senate (with the help of Manchin and Sinema) will either die in the House or be vetoed by Biden.

    Manchin and Sinema would be doing the Democratic Party a big favor by becoming Republicans.

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