Blow the roof off

One thought on “Blow the roof off

  1. “The man who worked to destroy the public trust in the foundations of democracy for personal reasons is not eligible for deals,” is what Israel’s Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz said about Bibi Netanyahu.

    It’s too bad that the US Justice Department hasn’t released a similarly worded statement about traitor Trump.

    Netanyahu, traitor Trumps mentor and BFF, is on trial for fraud, breach of public trust, and accepting bribes.
    In a tentative plea deal Netanyahu will agree to charges of “moral turpitude” which would ban him from politics for 7 years to avoid a long and costly criminal trial.

    The Israelis deserve a pat on the back for their united stand against the corrupt, Fascist, criminal, Benjimin Netanyahu.

    Any Republican running for office in 2022 who doesn’t denounce the corrupt, Fascist, criminal traitor Trump isn’t fit to serve in any political office.

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