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  1. The Left has been hammering away at the inherent unfairness and danger of the Electoral College process since the election that Bush the Second stole from Al Gore.
    The Democrats did nothing about the problem and lost an election in 2016 that they should have won. And technically did by millions of votes.

    Of all the people being offered as possible presidential nominees should traitor Trump chose not to run in 2024, Chris Christie is the one most fit for office.

    Trumps election fraud claims are “false and damaging to the party and the country” Christie said in Sarasota, Florida on Monday.
    “The truth is that the election wasn’t stolen. The truth is that he (Trump) lost, and that’s very painful. He should get over it.”
    Christie also described Trump as selfish, dishonest, and negligent.

    That isn’t a denunciation of traitor Trump, but it’s far cry from the ringing endorsements that DeSantis, Abbott, Noem, Haley, etc. are throwing Trumps way on a daily basis.

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