The invisible story

The media wants criticism and conflict. They have manufactured the bulk of what he’s accused of, and then they get to write “people say”:

2 thoughts on “The invisible story

  1. The economy is in fairly good shape and the Republicans know it.

    Because the Republicans have no plan for America, and no party platform, they’ll be running against all of “Biden’s failed policies.”

    To wit: inflation, massive “relief” spending, supply chain issues, the Afghanistan withdrawal, the southern border, and our mortal enemies Russia and China.

    The Republicans don’t have a plan, but they do have a slogan, “Help Get America Back on the ‘Right’ Track.”

    By that they mean slashing taxes on the rich, deregulating big business, putting US troops on the southern border, and dramatically increasing military spending.
    As Moscow Mitch keeps saying “We will reverse all of Biden’s bad, Socialist policies.”

    In other words, traitor Trump 2.0.

  2. “Biden’s failed policies” Heh.

    Economy – Trump was the first president since Herbert Hoover to generate negative job growth during his term.

    Inflation – The Federal Reserve had to flood the world with cheap dollars to compensate for Trumps failed economic policies. Mostly these dollars inflated the stock markets owned by the already wealthy.

    Afghanistan – Trump surrendered to the Taliban and released 5000 combatants into the wild. Trump locked in the withdrawal schedule when he signed the treaty.

    Immigration – In violation of US and International law, Trump denied asylum seekers entry – creating a huge mess on our southern border.

    Biden has quite a mess to clean up, but he’s not the one who made it.

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