Boohunney will not stand for racism … Gott dammit …

E.J. Dionne puts it well …

“Racism is immoral and has, again and again, led to deadly violence toward our fellow human beings. It is also a dysfunctional force in our polity. It has been used to divide those who should be allies. It casts politics as a zero-sum struggle. It blocks us from seizing shared opportunities. Racism advantages demagoguery over thoughtfulness and hostility over empathy.”

Yes, I am proudly a person of the South.

I have been mocked and teased because of my accent.

It is assumed I am a racist when I travel out of the South.

I am not a racist. Most of the folks I know are not, either.
It is assumed by people I meet when I travel outside the so called “South” that I am a bigot.

It perplexes  me.


One thought on “Boohunney will not stand for racism … Gott dammit …

  1. Cultural of violence.

    The Buffalo shooting was motivated by race. The Texas shooting doesn’t appear to have been.

    The police operate in a violent way, and the politicians preach violence.
    Which is one reason that Republicans felt justified in attempting a coup on January 6, 2021, and forgiving George Floyd’s murderer.

    But there are other forms of violence.
    Take the violence of Fascist Governor Ron DeSantis who passed a media law in 2021.
    Yesterday the courts said that not only did DeSantis’ performance art violate the constitutional rights of privately owned media companies, but it violated the First Amendment rights of every citizen.
    Suppressing the vote is also a violent act. Etc.

    Bringing us to the Trumpites favorite Fascist autocrat Hungarian dictator Viktor Orban.
    Orban is now teaching a class in how to evolve any democracy into a Fascist dictatorship in just a few easy steps.
    A few weeks ago FOX sent representatives to Orban’s class including Carlson, Hannity and Inghram.

    Why hasn’t Hungary been kicked out of NATO? And Poland? And perhaps even Turkey?
    To spite Putin?

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