Bad cops

It looks like Uvalde cops have released several contradictory statements about the school shooting.

First we heard that they heroically confronted the shooter and one of them was shot. That never happened.

Then we find out that some of the cops went into the school to get their own kids — while pepper spraying, tasing, and handcuffing parents who were frantically asking why the cops weren’t saving their kids.

Then this:

Last night, the police released this baffling statement.

Which kind of indicates to me that the cops actually may have shot some of the kids. Rep. Joaquin Castro has asked the FBI to come down and investigate, and I’ll bet they unwind a lot of really bad stuff.



One thought on “Bad cops

  1. All cops are practiced liars. It’s part of their job description.
    Fred Hampton, American activist, was assassinated by the Chicago police on December 4, 1969.
    The police lied about and hid the facts surrounding Hampton’s murder for years afterwards.

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