Since I live in Pennsyltucky

I don’t expect this kind of progress anytime soon!

One thought on “Since I live in Pennsyltucky

  1. The President proposes, the Congress disposes, and the Supreme Court has judicial review.
    It’s the duty of the “people” to pass judgement on the performance of all three co-equal branches of government at the ballot box from time to time.
    This November is one of those times.

    Today’s US Supreme Court is the most conservative that it’s been since 1931 and President Herbert Hoover.

    Yet, Christofascist, anti-abortionist Chad Meridith is about to be nominated by Joe Biden as the US District Court Judge for Eastern Kentucky. If approved by the Senate, this is a lifetime appointment.
    Just whose side id Biden on? The Pope’s, Moscow Mitch?

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