Well, gosh darn

What a shame!

According to a report from CNN, an unnamed House Republican said that the caucus wants Gaetz gone — and that they may use the findings from the ongoing Ethics Committee investigation into the Florida congressman to oust him.

From the report:

One Republican lawmaker pointed to the ongoing Ethics Committee investigation into Gaetz, warning if he wasn’t cleared, he could get expelled by those who want him gone.

“We want him out,” the member said.

The investigation is reportedly looking into allegations that Gaetz may have engaged in sexual misconduct, illicit drug use or other misconduct.

Fox News White House correspondent Jacqui Heinrich is also reporting House Republicans are preparing to move on Gaetz, pending the outcome of the ethics report.

One thought on “Well, gosh darn

  1. “smart” guy
    nobody can stand him.

    Ted Cruz has entered the room. Hears the quote attributed to “unnamed House Republican”. Chuckles over the delusional belief that Republicans would ever expel one of their own. Then smirks as George Santos also enters the room.

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