2 Responses to Better pay for skilled workers

  1. Major Kong November 12, 2012 at 7:23 pm #

    Well there it is. Wages have been so eroded and employers are so finicky and demanding and anal about hiring that it’s no wonder the economy is pooping its guts out.

    Have you seen the job market lately? It’s absurd. Employers want to hire people with such narrow skill sets already in place, it’s generally impossible to get an interview if you don’t have all of their little boxes checked off: very specific experience and training is required, plus perfect credit history, perfect job history, good references, experience but not too much experience that could make you too expensive to hire. The one that always cracks me up is the box in which you enter “salary requirment.” WTF? I require ALL THE MONEY, assholes. What gibberish is this? How much does the job pay? Pay me that.

    I submitted a seven-page job application today for a temporary seasonal position in a warehouse. Plus a form granting the company permission to interview my first preschool teacher’s cousin’s dog from forty years ago to check for any hairline cracks in my character.
    Absurd, it’s all absurd.

  2. russ November 13, 2012 at 4:29 pm #

    Well, at least companies are consistent. Ever since the days of the Luddites they’ve been looking for ways to depress worker wages, and they’ve kept that up for 200+ years now.

    The Luddites were the skilled craftsmen of their day. Then, as machines were taking over as fossil fuels entered the picture, the English textile companies discovered all they needed were machines operated by unskilled workers to take the place of the higher paid craftsmen.

    Of course it makes sense to pay more for more skill. But that’s the last thing companies – especially corporations – want to do.

    We would be better off if people could set up cooperative work ventures and treat each other with some degree of fairness.

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