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The anti-abortion group “Army of God” believes Planned Parenthood got what it deserved. Nevermind that innocent people were killed. Virginia-based anti-abortion activist Donald Spitz, who runs the “Army of God” website, similarly stated after Dr. George Tiller was murdered that the he “reaped what he sowed” and hosts a page celebrating those who have been convicted… Continue Reading »

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Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood Shooting Suspect Held on No Bond

Seems that our Hero of the Unborn is a rapist, wifebeater and religious nut! A follower of Republican Jesus! Well, color me surprised:

Dear, described as a loner by neighbors in Colorado and North Carolina, has been married at least three times and has four children.

His second wife, Mescher, described Dear in divorce papers filed in 1993 as a controlling, abusive, womanizing man who liked to gamble but was tight with his cash when it came to supporting his family. She stated that he threw her around the room by her hair during one argument and beat her head on the floor. She also said in a sworn affidavit that Dear “erupts into fury in a matter of seconds,” and she “lived in fear and dread of his emotional and physical abuse.”

“He claims to be a Christian and is extremely evangelistic, but does not follow the Bible in his actions,” Mescher stated in the affidavit. “He says that as long as he believes he will be saved, he can do whatever he pleases. He is obsessed with the world coming to an end.”

Supporters hold signs as Republican US presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally in Norcross, Georgia, USA, 10 October 2015. The visit, attended by thousands, is Trump's first rally in metro Atlanta since he joined the race. (EPA/ERIK S. LESSER)

Supporters hold signs as Republican US presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally in Norcross, Georgia, USA, 10 October 2015. The visit, attended by thousands, is Trump’s first rally in metro Atlanta since he joined the race. (EPA/ERIK S. LESSER)

Barbara Ehrenreich looks at the dying off of the white working class. As always, I urge you to click the link and read it all:

All of this means that the maintenance of white privilege, especially among the least privileged whites, has become more difficult and so, for some, more urgent than ever. Poor whites always had the comfort of knowing that someone was worse off and more despised than they were; racial subjugation was the ground under their feet, the rock they stood upon, even when their own situation was deteriorating.

If the government, especially at the federal level, is no longer as reliable an enforcer of white privilege, then it’s grassroots initiatives by individuals and small groups that are helping to fill the gap — perpetrating the micro-aggressions that roil college campuses, the racial slurs yelled from pickup trucks, or, at a deadly extreme, the shooting up of a black church renowned for its efforts in the Civil Rights era. Dylann Roof, the Charleston killer who did just that, was a jobless high school dropout and reportedly a heavy user of alcohol and opiates. Even without a death sentence hanging over him, Roof was surely headed toward an early demise.

Acts of racial aggression may provide their white perpetrators with a fleeting sense of triumph, but they also take a special kind of effort. It takes effort, for instance, to target a black runner and swerve over to insult her from your truck; it takes such effort — and a strong stomach — to paint a racial slur in excrement on a dormitory bathroom wall. College students may do such things in part out of a sense of economic vulnerability, the knowledge that as soon as school is over their college-debt payments will come due. No matter the effort expended, however, it is especially hard to maintain a feeling of racial superiority while struggling to hold onto one’s own place near the bottom of an undependable economy.

While there is no medical evidence that racism is toxic to those who express it — after all, generations of wealthy slave owners survived quite nicely — the combination of downward mobility and racial resentment may be a potent invitation to the kind of despair that leads to suicide in one form or another, whether by gunshots or drugs. You can’t break a glass ceiling if you’re standing on ice.

It’s easy for the liberal intelligentsia to feel righteous in their disgust for lower-class white racism, but the college-educated elite that produces the intelligentsia is in trouble, too, with diminishing prospects and an ever-slipperier slope for the young. Whole professions have fallen on hard times, from college teaching to journalism and the law. One of the worst mistakes this relative elite could make is to try to pump up its own pride by hating on those — of any color or ethnicity — who are falling even faster.


hank foley

Imagine, on a college campus! He should be ashamed:

COLUMBIA – MU’s Interim Chancellor Hank Foley annouced his decision Monday not to restore the refer and follow privileges that allow abortions to be performed in Columbia’s facility.

Following the decision, the Department of Health will take away its abortion license leaving the St. Louis Planned Parenthood the only facility in the state where abortion can be performed.

Coordinator for Mizzou for Planned Parenthood Jordan Hoyt said the organization sent Chancellor Foley more than 2,500 signatures and approximately 1,700 emails asking him to support Planned Parenthood.

“If we lose those privileges, the Missouri will become a one-provider state for abortion services leaving our St. Louis health center as the only remaining provider,” Hoyt said.

On the bright side, it will make it so much easier for the next right-wing nutjob to shoot up only one site!


Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind.

The guardians of the media may have thought it was a good compromise when they first capitulated, way back in the Age of Reagan: Back off from the facts whenever pressed by the organ players of the Mighty right-wing Wurlitzer, while hinting at the actual truth in vague, arcane fog speak that convinces no one but those who already know. Problem solved!

No better example than the way they treated the fake Planned Parenthood videos that made such a strong impression on one Robert Lewis Dear Jr.

See, they framed the news stories as if the videos were proven fact. It took all of an hour or so for bloggers who are already familiar with this kind of crap to track down the extremist origins of the videos, and to debunk the videos themselves.

Yet media types refused to use the information as anything but a footnote — if they even bothered to do that.

You can see the problem: Anyone who knows how to doctor a video can inject any crazy story at all into the corporate media, and it spreads like avian flu. So even if media outlets back off and say the story was “wronnng” (a la Fonzie), it’s too damn late.

It’s certainly too damn late for Robert Dear’s victims.

It doesn’t even matter if he turns out to be mentally ill. He was merely fertile ground for the political poison so merrily pumped into the mainstream media outlets, poison presented without the necessary antidote of timely facts.

Once again, we can remind so-called journalists that their indifference to getting the facts straight before they publish, and their laziness about correcting these stories in a timely matter, is malfeasance. It is dangerous negligence that fuels the crazy.

It’s like watching someone pour gasoline on the landscape of extreme political insanity, and offering them helpful hints about where to toss the lit cigarette.

The resulting wildfire threatens us all.

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