Felony theft charges in question after Missouri Supreme Court ruling

I thought this was interesting. People’s fate hangs on these little details:

A Missouri Supreme Court ruling has many lawyers and state public defenders scrambling to try and get their client’s felony theft charges changed to misdemeanor charges. This came as a result of the court’s review of a case where a woman was convicted of stealing a number of high price items. The items included expensive firearms and high-end jewelry, and the price of the items was a big point of contention during her trial.

The court spotted some inconsistencies in the Missouri criminal code. The wording of the code had been changed by the state legislature back in 2002. The court ruled, based on the 2002 changes, that the legal definition of stealing does not mention the value of the property stolen as an important factor for determining criminal activity. Therefore the woman could not be charged with felony theft.
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‘Stranger Things & Season 2 theories: New Netflix episodes like ‘Temple Of Doom, says Duffer brothers

Stranger Things S01E04 2

If you have Netflix, you will probably really enjoy this show. I just wouldn’t watch it right before bedtime, because of the adrenaline jolts:

In an interview with IGN, Matt and Ross Duffer discussed the upcoming Stranger Things Season 2. Since Season 2 is still early in development, the Duffers are still considering the 80s pop culture influences that will go into the new episodes of the Netflix series. “We like thinking of these as movies,” Matt Duffer said, “I’m… Continue Reading →


So sad

Equipo médico

And I think it had a lot more to do with being a woman than with her being a doctor. I heard stories like this all the time — and remember, many moons ago, my HMO primary doctor disregarded EVERY SINGLE SYMPTOM I had for Lyme disease, and put me on Prozac instead.

So it kind of irks me when I get these weird neurological and cardiac symptoms that may or may not be related to 20+ years of untreated Lyme. No point to asking doctors anymore — they don’t know, and can’t really test. Because once the spirochete digs into your organs, it doesn’t show up on tests and they can only tell with an autopsy. Whee!

A GP who died from a rare form of kidney cancer has warned of the difficulties doctors face in getting treatment for themselves, in an emotional blog published posthumously.

Dr Lisa Steen described her anger at colleagues for failing to go the extra mile to help identify the disease and for dismissing her as a hypochondriac, in the essay published on BMJ.com.

The 43-year-old mother-of-two from Cambridge wrote of spending “two years wandering in the wilderness of the medically unexplained” before finally being diagnosed in July 2014, by which time the cancer had spread to her bones. She died in February.


CNN’s Hillary Rosen: Huma Abadin ‘doesn’t need Trump’s advice on marriage’

Trump Menantang Hillary untuk Merilis Catatan Medis yang Rinci

Donald Trump got really weird on Twitter yesterday, “supporting” Huma Abadin for leaving Anthony Weiner, but at the same time making it all about Hillary Clinton by association. Because reasons and deflection. Since Huma has access to classified information, Trump opined on the Dori Monson show that her sexting husband, Weiner must know “much of this… Continue Reading →


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