A lot of people tried to warn us. Here’s another one:

PHILADELPHIA — In the documentary “Shored Up,” scientists warn that with a rising sea level, a major storm could put New Jersey’s barrier islands underwater and create devastating storm surges. In other words, what happened last month when Superstorm Sandy slammed into New Jersey and New York.

For Ben Kalina, the Philadelphia filmmaker who was nearly finished putting together the documentary when the storm hit, it meant that the ideas in the film that may have sounded far-fetched – or at least, discussions of something that may happen sometime in the future – were suddenly immediate.

“Until Sandy, we were making a film about something much more meditative, really,” Kalina said. “And now the stakes are suddenly much more real.”

3 Responses to Superstorm

  1. Tom November 24, 2012 at 8:16 am #

    Yeah that’s how climate change works. Too little to worry about at first and then (with exponential growth) BOOM – BIG PROBLEMS. Well, it’s happening at all levels and in many fields now. If we were going to do something about it, we should have started back in the 1970s at the latest. Of course nothing was done (“let’s worry about the most pressing matters first – like making money”) and now nothing can be done since we’ve all but run out of energy (nevermind the will to do something different than this lazy, corrupt, bogus way we live now). The food chain is going to collapse very soon and all the money in the world won’t be able to fix it. There’s no “prepping” about it – we’re on our way out by our own hand.

  2. jawbone November 24, 2012 at 10:12 am #

    Jimmy Carter, among the some of very good things he did as president, did work to begin increased solar research and general research for renewable energy. Then, St. Ronnie got into office and, not immediately, within 2 years iirc, removed the solar panels Carter had had installed on the WH. Obama? Took him a looooong time to get any solar panels installed (are they actually in place as of now?).

    Ronnie knew what he was doing and he did it deliberately. Pump up profits for Big Bidness (GE was his godfather) and ignore the long term effects on the world and all of us little people.

    Now, after Sandy, Gov. Chris “We Dasn’t Tax the Rich!” Christie has unilaterally now suspended envionmental regulations requiring studies of the effects of shore development and remediations. He also informed those living in municipalities that repairing Sandy’s damage will mean local taxes can be raised above the legislated percentage increases without special votes. It was a real Go For It remark. No mention of raising taxes on the Uberwealthy.

    Since many of NJ’s rich, powerful, and pols have Shore properties, it’s also likely Christie will pour money, with the legislators’ consent, into buying sand to replace and build dunes. A study reported on NPR this morning shows that sand –yes, sand– is being depleted on the US coninental shelf and is greatly increasing in price. One mile of shore shoring up by building protective dunes will cost about $13 million dollars.

    But Christie is bulldozing ahead and not considering whether that kind of money should be spent on buying out land and homeowners. I don’t think he really gets that the ocean will go wherever it can, and it can wipe out dunes, as well as old established houses built of excellent materials with firm foundations. Houses built on sand, etc.

    I didn’t know it, but there is a state owned beautiful cottage (in the style of Newport more than little lake cottages) on the Shore for the use of NJ governors. Not that Christie has any self interest in this. Oh, no. But his true constituents are the wealthy.

    Dangerously, Christie is using Sandy to create a better image for himself. Uh oh. He may joke on comedy shows, but he is a bully deep down. We don’t need a national Bully-in-Chief like him. Especially one who believes in socializing losses, but privatizing profits.

  3. dd November 24, 2012 at 11:53 am #

    just read yesterday that one of the reasons sand is so expensive is because they need it for fracking. so not only fresh water, but sand going there…all to poison the earth, and us.

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