One Response to ‘This is a song about Alice and the restaurant’

  1. jawbone November 24, 2012 at 10:23 am #

    I wish I’d known about the open T’giving day dinner — Maybe I could have driven my friend with the stroke of there to give him some real new experiences and images to help him keep some of his new brain cells alive.

    But, as I mentioned, he’s getting paranoid (the left brain must make “sense” of the world it perceives, even if that sense is wrong; the imperative of the left brain is to get or create explanations. Or gods, maybe, if that’s what it takes to explain things that happen. He told me on Wednesday that he doesn’t want to hear my voice, which would have made a long drive very difficult for me.

    I so hope Kessler can help my friend.

    It’s also so sad he recently lost his wife. Happy marriages are a true gift, not all that easy to come by.

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