Secret Santa

A Kansas City businessman has been acting as a “Secret Santa” and giving $100 bills to victims of superstorm Sandy in New York and New Jersey. The man, who has asked for his face not to be shown on camera, says he plans to give away $100,000 over the Christmas period. [Link.]

One Response to Secret Santa

  1. dandy December 1, 2012 at 11:00 pm #

    I recall that during the early ’90’s’ when things were not so tight, I asked the administrators of our school district if we could manage to do such a thing, since it had not been done before. They were taken aback by the idea that teachers and parents would actually want to give to poor students, many of whom were from single-parent homes some of which had a parent who was incarcerated. The administrators loved the idea because it meant that the teachers and parents who had been kissing their asses with unwanted gifts would now shed those gifts on kids who had nothing and really needed the love.

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