One Response to Grover gives his blessing

  1. lless December 19, 2012 at 4:28 pm #

    The only thing bipartisan in that town is the ability of each party to shoot itself in the foot. So the Republicans want to take the middle class tax rate out of the equation unilaterally. If they don’t get the floor they want at a million, then what? One school says they pass 400 or 250 to take the middle class out of play and sit tight to next term’s budget ceiling fight. Could we get that lucky? Take away the bracket nonsense and turn to entitlements for a bidding war. I think that they paint themselves into a hopeless political corner. Even Obama can see the folly of off budget Social Security cuts for not shutting the government down. This becomes a huge power swing and Republicans will go back to the well over and over. He has said he will not go there. If he calls them on this they have to shut the government down and go home to expain why they are demanding Social Security cuts to current retirees. Obama will not make this deal under a direct government shutdown threat. He needs the fiscal cliff as cover for a comprehensive package. For that reason I still see a last minute “bargain” and a quick slithering exit. But if Boehner swallows a poison pill on the rate issue, he leaves the curtain pulled back to show Obama pulling the levers on this Social Security cut. Then the Democrats in Congress will cease to back the wizard.

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