‘Exceptional’ heatwave in Australia

I wonder if they’re ever going to connect the dots between the heat and their heavy use of coal:

“The extreme January heat has prompted the Bureau of Meteorology to issue a special climate statement, with further updates planned as the scorching temperatures continue.”

[…] “This event is ongoing with significant records likely to be set,” the bureau statement said. “A particular feature of this heatwave event has been the exceptional spatial extent of high temperatures.”

The final four months of 2012 were the hottest on record for Australia and January is making an early run at adding to the sequence of especially hot weather.

“Australia-wide, and for individual states, we are currently well above average by many degrees,” said Aaron Coutts-Smith, the bureau’s NSW manager for climate services.

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  1. Tom January 8, 2013 at 10:17 am #

    That heat will work its way around to us this spring and summer (and into fall) as the world continues to “warm” (at what point do we say to “hot”? When it’s too hot!). It’s a global thing and it’s going to keep going up until we can’t exist on the planet. This will be way before you think (ie. we’re probably about 10 years away from the collapse of civilization).

  2. russ January 8, 2013 at 1:59 pm #

    A December 19, 2012 article in “Investing Daily” was entitled ‘IEA Coal Report Predicts Australia Will Again Be World’s Top Exporter’.

    Seems the Aussies had held that title for a few years until major floods in 2011 in Australia disrupted shipments, mainly to China and India. But the IEA authors are sure the Aussies will soon regain the title.

    Hence, it’s not so much that the Aussies burn the coal; rather their clients do. But the atmosphere does not care whether the combustion took place in Australia, or China, or India. All the atmosphere sees is a big influx of CO2, SO2, particulates, mercury, etc.

    As a greenhouse gas, an increase is an increase, and the atmosphere will react accordingly.

    The Holocene era, which provided us with the relatively moderate climate that allowed for the beginnings of civilization, is over. We have now entered the Anthropocene era, featuring climate conditions manufactured by humankind.

    The term “exceptional heatwave” really makes no sense. That is an outdated term which might have tried to explain an event in the Holocene era.

    But these days, such an “exception” is no longer “exceptional”. It is the new normal, and if the new normal does not seem particularly conducive to life or civilization, it isn’t.

    Welcome to Hell. Satan must be doubled over in laughter.

  3. Thomas Ware January 9, 2013 at 12:56 am #

    Indeed, it’s a local manifestion of a global phenomenon not unlike the weather you experience as a result of the collapsing North Atlantic Conveyor, or at other end of that conveyor the nicer weather we are experiencing here on the high desert. Butterflies in Bejing.

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