Bus driver killer is survivalist wingnut

Color me shocked. Thank God he got to exercise his Second Amendment privileges, huh?

MIDLAND CITY, Alabama — Ronda Wilbur described for reporters today the building of a bunker and the beating of her dog, she says at the hands of Jimmy Lee Dykes, 65.

Dykes is a suspect in shooting and killing a school bus driver on Tuesday in Dale County, taking a 6-year-old autistic child hostage, and retreating to his property and a bunker there. Wilbur says she believes Dykes was building a safe place and had spoken against the government.

Wilbur also says Dykes was due in court on a menacing charge that involved an argument with his neighbors over incursions onto his property. Wilbur claims Dykes beat her dog with a lead pipe, inflicting injuries that led to the animal’s death.

[…] According to law enforcement sources, the 6-year-old boy being held hostage is autistic, and also requires medication. That medication was allowed to be delivered to him, authorities said. The suspect reportedly has no ties to the little boy.

Sources tell AL.com the suspect is a Vietnam veteran looking to gain attention to “air his grievances.” The Southern Poverty Law Center said today that Dale County Sheriff’s Investigator Tim Byrd told SPLC’s “Hatewatch” that Dykes has “anti-America” views. They described him as a “survivalist” with ties to the anti-government movement.

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  1. imhotep January 31, 2013 at 11:12 am #

    This is sad, but so is the fact that a number of these maniacs are members of the U.S. Congress. They all appear to be Republicans. As well as delusional Evangelical Christians, like James Inhofe, who never met a Zionist policy that they didn’t adore.

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