Trump toured the rich PR suburbs

"Trump Brings His Own Storm to Puerto Rico" by TOM BUERKLE via NYT Business Day

Instead of the badly damaged mountain areas:

CAGUAS, Puerto Rico — The Puerto Rico that President Trump saw during his four-hour visit on Tuesday afternoon was that of Angel Pérez Otero, the mayor of Guaynabo, a wealthy San Juan suburb known for its amenity-driven gated communities that was largely spared when Hurricane Maria hit nearly two weeks ago.

Pérez Otero led Trump and his entourage on a walking tour of a neighborhood, where high-speed winds had blown out some second-story windows and knocked over a few trees — but where life seemed to be returning to normal, thanks to assistance from the government. Neighbors stood outside their homes ready to warmly greet the president, their phones powered up and ready to snap photos.

One homeowner told Trump that he lost a couple windows and still hasn’t regained electricity, but he was never worried about his family’s safety.

“We have a good house, thank God,” he told the president.

“That’s fantastic,” Trump said. “Well, we’re going to help you out. Have a good time.”

If the president had traveled a little deeper into the island, to the communities that sustained some of the heaviest damage, he would have witnessed a very different Puerto Rico.

2 Responses to Trump toured the rich PR suburbs

  1. Imhotep October 5, 2017 at 11:30 am #

    Trump’s message is that he has done a “fantastic, wonderful, miraculous job” at getting PR back in the game.

    The truth is otherwise.

    So obviously Trump can’t visit the devastated parts of the island if he wants to keep his lies alive.

    He can’t risk being exposed as the man behind the curtain responsible for spewing happy talk, nonsense and crap.

    At least not to his base who see him as a messiah figure.

  2. Lless October 5, 2017 at 12:18 pm #

    Nothing new here. When “W” spent millions on a private contract to move Blackwater into New Orleans after Katrina, these mercenaries were immediately stationed in the wealthy neighborhoods to protect property.

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