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Teacher celebrates Muslim student’s possible deportation if Trump wins

Trump tiene ventaja sobre Clinton a una semana de las elecciones, según encuesta de ABC y WP

One of the most disturbing effects of Donald Trump’s campaign, in my opinion, has been the uptick in racially motivated bullying of kids across the country, mainly of Muslims, Mexicans, African Americans and Hispanics. During two different high school basketball games back in the spring of this year, in Indiana and Iowa, students screamed Build a… Continue Reading →

NC governor who signed racist voter suppression law brags Democrats are ‘not coming out’

Gov. Mcrory's visit to FEMA office

Republican North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory’s voter ID law may have been struck down, but he suggested on Sunday that other suppression techniques were working because Democratic voters were “not coming out” to the polls. Earlier this year, a federal court found that North Carolina Republicans intended to suppress minority voters by requiring a photo ID,… Continue Reading →

Facebook lets advertisers exclude users by race

facebook-logo-telephone wiring services

Imagine if, during the Jim Crow era, a newspaper offered advertisers the option of placing ads only in copies that went to white readers. That’s basically what Facebook is doing nowadays. The ubiquitous social network not only allows advertisers to target users by their interests or background, it also gives advertisers the ability to exclude specific… Continue Reading →

Trump won’t win


But that’s only the beginning. As the media point their fingers at women as the big voting bloc that stopped him, the deplorables will nurse their grievances. The attacks will ramp up on women for the next four (and hopefully eight) years.

It will be war.

I think of the book John Amato and Dave Neiwert wrote after Obama was elected, about how his win sent the wingnuts over the cliff. We saw a big jump in bombings and mass shootings by homegrown terrorists. God only knows what’s coming next.

I went to an Al Gore press conference shortly after the election was stolen from him. A reporter asked him why he didn’t dispute the election results further, and he responded, “Because that way lies insurrection.”

Think about that. He cared enough about the country not to split it in two — unlike this bozo. This orange Cheeto.

Social Security and Medicare: At stake, again

Social Security Disability Insurance Denial Help

I assume you all know we need a Democratic president to veto anything Paul Ryan manages to get through, right? Because the funding erosion has already begun:

The need for Social Security staff services has increased as baby boomers begin to retire. Instead, these services have been cut back since 2011. And in late July, as the American Federation of Government Employees noted, “the House Appropriations Committee cut President Obama’s proposed budget for the Social Security Administration (SSA) by $1.2 billion. If they get their way, SSA will be forced to operate on $263 million less than it does now — even though it’s already struggling to meet public demand.”

These congressional cuts would even force workers to take a two-week furlough. Crippling Social Security’s ability to function just when it’s needed most is the epitome of what Republican public policy has become. It’s part of a familiar right-wing strategy to degrade the quality of government services, then use that degradation to argue for privatization.

Not only does Social Security lift tens of millions of retirees out of poverty, but in 2014 3.2 million American kids directly received Social Security benefits, mostly in the form of survivor benefits. Another 10 million disabled workers were covered as well. But it’s not just these many millions of people who benefit: Retirement security for grandparents means more money for parents to invest in their children’s future. Security for orphans and disabled workers have similar spillover benefits as well. So attacks on Social Security really are a threat to Americans of all ages, now as well as in the future.

Those attacks are already well under way, thanks to the austerity measures imposed since the Tea Party first arrived in Washington with the GOP congressional wave of 2010. (The money comes directly from workers — not from the overall Federal budget — but Congress controls the spending.) During the current budget cycle, the attacks are getting worse, even as baby boomer retirements continue to swell the rolls. This erodes confidence in the system, thereby weakening it for even further attacks, privatization and dismantlement — the true conservative dream.

Judge goes after Texas after they defy previous voting rights order


As most of you already know, the voting suppression tactics have kicked into high gear this year. (Maybe because they’re so worried.) And because recent polls have shown a tiny glimmer of Democratic hope in Texas, why, Greg Abbott is willing to defy a federal judge. He’s not getting away with it:

Earlier this month, the Justice Department informed a federal court that Texas is violating a recent court order that sought to keep the state from disenfranchising voters. After an appeals court struck down the state’s voter ID law, a common form of voter suppression favored by conservative lawmakers, the state agreed to be bound by an order that would permit voters to cast a ballot in the 2016 election if they “cannot reasonably obtain” photo ID.

Despite this order, Texas published press releases, voter education materials, and training manuals for poll workers that effectively stated that a voter without ID cannot vote unless it is literally impossible for that voter to obtain a photo ID. Thus, for example, a voter who had to make multiple day long trips to a government office and make burdensome document requests to obtain an ID would not be able to vote, under Texas’ standard, unless that voter was willing to jump through all of these considerable hoops.

On Tuesday, Judge Nelva Gonzales Ramos, the judge overseeing this case, weighed in on Texas’ defiance of the court order. And, if the order she issued on Tuesday is any indication, she’s pissed.

For one thing, as the Huffington Post’s Cristian Farias notes on Twitter, Judge Ramos’ Tuesday order is stronger than a proposed order drafted by some of the plaintiffs in this case. The proposed order would have largely clarified that the court’s original order meant what it said. Judge Ramos’ Tuesday, order, by contrast, requires Texas to take several specific actions. It also subjects Texas to a kind of federal supervision similar to the oversight it faced before conservatives on the Supreme Court gutted a key provision of the Voting Rights Act.

Elizabeth Warren kicks Wells Fargo CEO’s ass

This was a thing of beauty, to watch Sen. Warren give this guy the treatment he deserves:

And if you really want to torture yourself, you can watch her interview last night with Rachel Maddow in which she says that yes, there were criminal referrals against banks in the 2008 crash — and she wants to know why the FBI didn’t charge them:

Now, I have long since accepted that Obama believed what was left of the financial and economic system would not survive criminal charges. Who knows? I was not in his position, I don’t know. But I do know he told the American people there was nothing that rose to the level of criminal acts.

Trump idiot: Something seem ‘different’ about this Obama fella to you guys?

RNC Masters in Politics Alex Castellanos Episode

Also, he doesn’t have a good American-sounding name like ‘Castellanos’ Thank goodness the Trump campaign has put that whole “birther” thing behind it with Donald Trump’s 30-second disavowal of the whole thing, which was Hillary Clinton’s fault anyway. But you know, the fact remains that this Barack HUSSEIN Obama sure is a lot different from real… Continue Reading →

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