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The inmates are running the asylum

And Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III is one of the worst:

Appearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee as part of a Justice Department Oversight Hearing, Sessions was pressed by Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) as to his legal opinion about the compatibility of so-called religious liberty guidance emanating from the attorney general’s office and the obligations of federal employees who are hostile to LGBT rights.

Citing the guidance Sessions released to federal administrative agencies and executive departments–“Federal Law Protections for Religious Liberty“–on the question of LGBT rights, Durbin asked the following question:

Could a Social Security Administration employee refuse to accept or process spousal or survivor benefits paperwork for a surviving same-sex spouse?

Sessions paused, groaned, smirked, and then responded:

That’s something I never thought would arise, but I would have to give you a written answer to that–if you don’t mind?

Durbin replied that he would appreciate such a written response and then asked a similar question. He said, “Could a federal contractor refuse to provide services to LGBTQ people–including in emergencies–without risk of losing federal contracts.”

Again, Sessions demurred and said he’d need to look into it.


No Guns. No Hate. No More.
Go read this entire Jonathan Capeheart column:

The implications of using six targeted killings of law enforcement to issue a sweeping assessment of peaceful protesters are frightening to consider. “Individual acts do not a legitimate law enforcement categorization make,” a former justice department official told me. “White supremacists are historically and contemporaneously to be viewed as a law enforcement concern – they act as violent units. Young black people taking to the streets and having meetings is quite different.”

Republicans are kicking people off food stamps

Former Albertsons #4438 - Orlando, FL (Union Park)

The budget resolution passed by the House on Thursday will push millions of already struggling people off food stamps, leaving the neediest Americans—children and the elderly among them—without food. The $4.1-trillion budget will take over $150 billion away from several poverty programs, including the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), which helps low-income people keep food on… Continue Reading →

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