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DMCA hell

Just got what purports to be a second takedown notice for a music file I posted in 2010. Except no, there was no first takedown notice, and it looks like I removed all the mp3 files the last time this happened.

And of course the contact email address they gave me doesn’t work, and I can only call them in the middle of the night, because they’re in England.

So in case the site is down for a day or two, that’s why.


Amazon worker jumps off 12-story building after being put on Big-Brother-like ‘performance improvement plan’

An Amazon worker was injured in a suicide attempt after jumping off a 12-story company building in Seattle, reports Bloomberg. Authorities did not release the identity of the man but the story indicates that he wrote an email before he tried to kill himself. The email was visible to hundreds of other Amazon workers, and to… Continue Reading →


Facebook blocks fake news from its advertising network

Amid mounting pressure, Facebook Inc. said it would block websites that publish fake news from accessing its advertising services. The announcement Monday came hours after Alphabet Inc.’s Google said it would also bar fake news sites from using its advertising networks. The companies faced a backlash for allowing the spread of phony news articles during the… Continue Reading →

I don’t know what to tell you

AEM Austin Meet and Greet with Gary Johnson

I gave up and went to bed, I don’t even know who won — but it looks like Trump. And I started to notice a pattern early last night: Every state where it was razor close, libertarian stoner Gary Johnson had anywhere from 2-4 pts.

I don’t believe in those kinds of coincidences.

He’s a Koch head. They’ve used him before. And I thought it was a little odd that they were so far under the radar this cycle, insisting they would concentrate on Senate races. (They even denied they were giving Johnson money. Even though Johnson said so.)

So I think they looked at the states where Clinton was strong, and they organized the ground game for Gary Johnson. They peeled off enough of a percentage to put Donald Trump, the climate-denying toddler, in charge of making sure no one laid a regulatory finger on their oil, coal, and gas companies.

What a country!

How the media and Trump embraced each other

Donald Trump feels 'Apprentice' blowback as sexism claims hit - For anyone who ever watched “The Apprentice” on NBC, you more than likely noticed how Donald Trump loved to tell the female contestants how beautiful they were if they had that certain body t

Todd Gitlin calls out the media companies that made their deal with the Orange Devil:

The sheer idiocy of treating Donald Trump as if he were a normal political candidate who spoke in defensible sentences eventually became an embarrassment. What seems clear is that once Trump had nailed down the nomination, many honest and decent journalists in mainstream media sat themselves down for a needed soul-searching. For months they had dutifully trudged along applying to a huckster what the sociologist Gaye Tuchman once called the “strategic ritual” of objectivity, even as Trump had not cared a whit when caught out in falsehoods, delusions, and self-contradictions—and most alarmingly, his legions of followers did not seem to care either.

Someday, this journalistic turning point of late spring 2016 will repay extensive analysis. My first-draft judgment at the time was that the better quarters of journalism were jolted by journalistic remorse. We saw fine work from The Washington Post’s squadron of investigative reporters (said to number 25); by CNN’s Jake Tapper refusing to let Trump off the hook about the purportedly prejudicial “Mexicanness” of Judge Gonzalo P. Curiel; by a number of reporters at The New York Times, and the editors’ decision to run the word “lie” in a Trump headline (admittedly a news analysis, not a news piece, to use a Times distinction that means little or nothing to readers); the appearance of factual corrections in the crawls that ran at the bottom of the TV screen; the emergence, also at the Times, of locutions like “despite no evidence to support the claim.” There remained vast swathes of Trump background that never took off in the mainstream—for example, reporting on Trump’s history of friendly relations with organized crime, pioneered by Wayne Barrett and David Cay Johnston; but his tax dodges and misogyny did break through, especially when, in the latter case, there was a smoking video from Access Hollywood to attest to it.

By this time, of course, Trump had become the front man for the most vicious, racist, nativist, logic-starved, violence-inciting and otherwise deplorable and demagogic political campaign within memory.

Facebook lets advertisers exclude users by race

facebook-logo-telephone wiring services

Imagine if, during the Jim Crow era, a newspaper offered advertisers the option of placing ads only in copies that went to white readers. That’s basically what Facebook is doing nowadays. The ubiquitous social network not only allows advertisers to target users by their interests or background, it also gives advertisers the ability to exclude specific… Continue Reading →

No political agenda at all


Oh no, nothing political at all!

WASHINGTON — A right-leaning nonprofit has proposed an 11th-hour effort to place news articles critical of HIllary Clinton and other Democrats in black newspapers in the runup to the November election, BuzzFeed News has learned.

The American Media Institute has approached Republican donors to finance the articles, three sources said. They were to run in a nominally apolitical black wire service that serves the black press, the sources said.

One source shared details of the plan with BuzzFeed News out of concern that the proposal “looks like voter suppression,” the source said. The group’s founder, Richard Miniter, adamantly denied that charge. It is also unclear whether any donors have committed to financing the project in the election’s final weeks.
Miniter, a former Washington Times editorial page editor who is CEO and founder of the American Media Institute, has told associates that the that the stories would be distributed by the nonprofit’s Urban News Service, adding that the articles would include attacks on Obamacare and on the Clintons’ failures regarding people of color.

Miniter’s pitch, according to a source closely familiar with its details, centers on the prospect of reaching black voters through news articles, rather than obvious opinion pieces or advertisements.

Miniter heatedly denied that his group has any political agenda. He did not respond to more detailed questions about the Urban News Service plan.

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