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The really heavy snow moves in tonight:

In light of high levels of snow already collected on homes and other structures, mid-Atlantic residents should keep in mind dangers the weight of snow presents.

The torrential rainfall mixing with snow in areas that do not receive new snowfall will provide the greatest danger.

“With temperatures close to freezing in areas that have seen the heaviest snowfall, that could be the biggest concern,” said Senior Meteorologist Alan Reppert.

Of additional concern is the high winds, which can cause significant drifting of snow. That can cause uneven amounts on rooftops and lead to structures to collapse.

Winds of 20-40 mph with gusts exceeding 60 mph in spots are forecast for a wide area of the East, from Ohio eastward to Maine and down along the Atlantic coast to North Carolina.

All I know is, if I hear anything that sounds suspicious, I’m out of here.

S’No Joke

Tomorrow night, we’re either getting 2-4″ of fresh snow – or 6-12″. With our recent run of snow luck, guess which one I’m betting on?

Deep Thought

I’m grateful I still have electricity. Lots of people lost power today, mostly in the burbs.

Think You Can Fool Me?

Hah. We’re now in that sneaky lull before the “real” storm (the part with the blizzard conditions) where the snow appears to have stopped, and people who don’t believe in watching TV weather reports are gonna get fooled big time.

But I’m going to go out and clean off my car, because the sleet will be a lot harder to get off when it has another foot of snow on top.

UPDATE: Most of my neighbors are out, doing the same thing. It’s a very heavy, wet snow because we had rain on top of it, so everyone’s cleaning off what they can now.

Helping Haiti

I am so pleased this is finally happening. Haiti has been burdened by its national debt for a long time and this will help speed their recovery from the massive earthquake – assuming everyone keeps their word:

The world’s leading industrialised nations have pledged to write off the debts that Haiti owes them, following a devastating earthquake last month.

Canada’s finance minister announced at a summit in Iqaluit, northern Canada, that Group of Seven countries planned to cancel Haiti’s bilateral debts.

Jim Flaherty said he would encourage international lenders to do the same.

Some $1.2bn (£800m) of Haiti’s debts to countries and international lending bodies has already been cancelled.

“We are committed in the G7 to the forgiveness of debt, in fact all bilateral debt has been forgiven by G7 countries vis-a-vis Haiti,” Mr Flaherty said at the end of the two day gathering of finance ministers.

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